Exam Preparation

Our office will contact you 24 hours before your appointment to confirm your scheduled arrival time and provide prep instructions.

Do not wear eye makeup or mascara for ANY Brain & Neck studies.
Do not wear any jewelry or hairpins.
Wear comfortable clothing.

Let us know if you have:

Metallic fragments in your eyes or previous injury to the eye involving a metal object
Any type of implanted mechanical pump
Any type of surgery within the past 8 weeks
A history of cancer
A pacemaker / defibrillator / stimulator
An aneurysm clip
Any metallic / electronic implant

Let us know if you are:

Allergic to CT or MRI contrast
Pregnant / Nursing
In need of special assistance

Exam Duration

Most MRI patients should plan to spend 60 minutes at our facility. The length of appointment time will depend on the type of MRI exam your healthcare provider has ordered.
The technologist will help you onto the examination table and once comfortable, your test will begin.
During the exam, you will hear a loud, knocking noise as the machine takes the images. We provide earplugs, and some facilities can play music through earphones to make this experience more relaxing.
Through the entire test, a certified technologist is nearby if you need assistance or have questions.


Once the exam is complete, a radiologist will review the study and dictate a report. This report will be sent to the doctor who ordered your study.
Results are available within 24 - 48 hours.
We recommend that you call and schedule a follow-up appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss the results.

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